The campaign to support the nuns

Ever since the Vatican announced an investigation of American nuns for focusing too much on poverty and economic injustice and not enough on abortion, people all over are standing in solidarity with the nuns.

Groundswell Movement designed and shared these I Support the Nuns stickers for folks to proudly display. Over 20,000 stickers hit mailboxes in August!

At the same time as people were putting their stickers up on their bumpers, lap tops, folders and more, the Nuns on the Bus tour captured the heart of our nation. Their message – Nuns Drive for Faith, Family & Fairness – enlightened our national conversation about what a moral economy looks like.

The stickers helped mark this important campaign.


The nuns stopped in nine cities at homeless shelters, food pantries, schools and health care facilities run by nuns to highlight their work with the nation’s poor and disenfranchised. They stood up as Americans to defend poor and working families.

Nuns on the Bus


A Forbes article got it right with a quote from a minister at the nuns’ event in DC:

They have been traveling across this nation to speak out for a faithful budget … and they are here today as our rock stars!


The bus tour even got the attention of 75 Members of Congress, who made this video thanking the sisters for making a difference. We couldn't agree more with Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-3) when he says, 1:34 seconds into the video:

I am so grateful for you lifting up your voices. Keep it up, you're changing the world!


As the saying goes -- never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

So while the brave nuns continue their work ...

What change do you want to see?

Start a petition. Spread the word. Grow a movement.


This time next year, you'll have wanted to start today.

PS: A sticker delivery can be a fun part of an effective campaign. Email our campaign team at to strategize about petitions, stickers and more. We're happy to help and think it through with you!

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